tepeg RePower Adapter

If you want to perform an EDR download right at the crash site you need to power up not only the ACM but also the CDR interface. However if the electrical system in the car is damaged, you cant rely on the battery of the car to supply any power. Even if the battery is still supplying power but you dont have the key available or the ignition switch is broken or unreachable, you cant get any data from the ACM module right through the DLC connector. At this point you might think that you have to remove the ACM module from the car and maybe risk changing some relevant data in the module.

But you don’t.

By using our RePower Adaptor you still can make a DLC download without having the key or even an intact battery. You just apply power to the ACM module and the CDR interface. No risk of setting any further DTCs or changing any of the data in the module. You can just connect to the DLC connector and start the download like you would do in a car with a working electrical system. Because you apply the power at the fuse box you bridge the ignition switch and therefore you dont need the key.

The toolkit has been used and successfully tested by accident reconstructionists in Germany, other E.U. countries and the U.S. It consists of the following components:

A) Carrying box that can store all components
B) Battery holder for 10 1.2V accumulators
C) Fuse adaptors for all sizes
D,E) Adaptor cable and splitter
F) Connector cable including fuse assembly
G) Spare fuses and fuse picker

The Powering Kit helps you to save money because you dont need to buy any specific cable for a direct to module download since the ACM can stay in the car.

The picture above shows the use of the RePower Adaptor in a car without working battery. The Adaptor stays within the carrying bag (A). Power is supplied thru the fusebox (B). Note that the RePower Adaptor also powers the CDR Interface© in order to prevent any potential differences.

Even if you wish to make a benchtop download you can use the RePowering Adaptor to supply power to the CDR Interface and the ACM module. In this case the ACM module is supplied with power by the CDR interface.

The RePower Adaptor Kit is available for EUR 150,- excl. VAT and comes with a documentation that describes the use in detail. For inquieries about the RePower Adaptor or to place an order please send us an Email: hello(at)tepeg.de

The use of the RePower Adaptor is also covered in our CDR Seminars