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CDRfinder for Windows

CDRfinder for Windows is the ultimate add-on for the Bosch CDR Tool. CDRfinder gives you all the information you need when you work on vehicles and want to get data from an ACM or PCM. With CDRfinder you can look up support for all supported vehicles and look up needed cables an adapters. CDRfinder also guides you to the DLC connector and tells you where you can find the fuse box and which fuse needs to be repowerd in order to get the ACM up. And there is much more that CDRfinder can do for you. Click on the link below to find out

Find out everthing about CDRfinder for Windows

tepeg CDRfinder for iOS

The tepeg CDRfinder is an iOS app that enables you to quickly check if a specific vehicle in the EMEA region is supported by the Bosch CDR tool. You can also check if there is a spoofing VIN available to enable readouts for vehicles that are not directly supported.

CDRFinder lets you pick make, model and model year of the vehicle that you wish to download. If the vehicle is supported you will be given the information or the app tells you which vehicle make and VIN can be used for VIN spoofing.

CDRFinder works on our CDR support database which is regularely updated. You can also report back successful downloads to us that we will add to our database. Future Updates of the Database are free within major releases.

We like to hear from you! For support and comments please contact us by email: CDRfinder@tepeg.de