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OEDX - The Open Event Data Exchange Format

OEDX is an open file format specification that was developped by tepeg (makers of CDRfinder), DSD Datentechnik (makers of PC-Crash) and the Vehicle Safety Institute (VSI) of TU Graz.

OEDX is based on industry standard XML and offers a common format for the exchange of EDR data between all types of applications. OEDX has native support for all data elements defined in FMVSR 563 and is extensible by design to allow for extensions and custom/optional data elements. By defining a file format that can act as a hub between retrieval tools, analysis/visualization tools, EDR databases and other applications the use of EDR data will be facilitated for parties downloading, analysing and storing/aggregating EDR data.

You can find more information about OEDX on our EDR Data wiki