Data Retrieval from Automotive ECUs

We provide expertise and data extraction for the following kinds of Automotive ECUs:

  • Engine and Powertrain Control Modules
  • Vehicle Dynamics Modules (ESP and alike)
  • Dashboard ECUs / Odometers

We provide forensic expertise on vehicle mileage display manipulation by examination of complete vehicles and/or ECUs.

Furthermore we specialise in the forensic analysis of Airbag Control Modules (ACMs). We offer raw data retrieval and interpretation from ACMs supported by the Bosch CDR and other EDR Tools. Data retrieval from non EDR Tool supported modules is also possible in many cases. Please contact us.

Data retrieval from (heavily) damaged ECUs (mechanical damages, fire, etc.) is still possible in many cases. If you need to retrieve data from a damaged ECU please request a quote by Email.

Please note: We will not change and/or clear data in any kind of modules. If you wish to clear crash data from an ACM or change odometer settings please go somewhere else.