The Crash Data Retrieval Tool (CDR) made by BOSCH is a toolkit consisting of hard- and software components which gives access to data stored in Event Data Recorders (EDR data). EDR data can be used to reconstruct accidents or to investigate fraud cases.

The BOSCH CDR Tool originally comes from the USA and the majority of supported vehicles are north american ones. However a lot of vehicles present in Europe can be accessed by BOSCH CDR.

Thru our academy awg which also belongs to brockmanngruppe we provide official training for BOSCH CDR in Europe.

You can find more information about our traings here.

Please note: You can download the CDR software for free and you can use the software without a license to view files. However if you wish to perform data downloads  you need a license from Bosch and we encourage you to get one. If you wish to obtain a CDR Tool license just drop us a mail and we will get you in contact with BOSCH sales.