CDRfinder for Windows

CDRfinder für Windows ist das ultimative Werkzeug für alle, die mit EDR Daten arbeiten. Für Benutzer des BOSCH CDR Tools und anderer EDR Retrieval Werkzeuge bietet CDRfinder umfangreiche Informationen zur Fahrzeugabdeckung und der Vorgehensweise bei der Datenauslesung.

CDRfinder wurde aufgrund unserer eigenen langjährigen Erfahrung mit der Auslesung von EDR Daten aus Fahrzeugen entwickelt.

Neben der Windows Version bieten wir eine mobile Version für Apple Geräte mit reduziertem Funktionsumfang.

Für große Mengen an Abfragen bieten wir einen Webservice an, mit dem Sie tausende Anfragen pro Minute stellen können.

Main Features

CDRfinder is there to make your life as a CDR Tool user easier. It lets you maintain and start the CDR Tool and provides you with a wealth of information. Below we summarize some of the main features that CDRfinder offers.

Maintain your CDR Tool installation

CDRfinder keeps you up to date with the current version of the Bosch CDR Tool and all subsequent patches. Whenever a new version is released CDRfinder will inform you and it’s possible to download and install the version right away from within CDRfinder.

Take care of internationalization issues

Have you ever tried to run the Bosch CDR Tool on a Windows Systems that does not have US number settings? It won’t. Let CDRfinder will take care of this – no need for you to change your settings. Just use CDRfinder to launch the CDR Tool and CDRfinder will make all needed changes and revert them after you have finished working with the CDR Tool.

Provide global CDR support information and sample data

CDRfinder provides you with always up-to-date information about supported vehicles – worldwide. Look up support information, officially covered markets, substitution VIN numbers, cables and adapters in a very convenient way. No need to look at the help file any more.

For many covered vehicles you can download sample data as PDF or CDR Tool native CDRx files and open them directly in the CDR Tool. So you can take a peek at what data might be available from a specific vehicle.

Please note: At this time we cannot offer sample data for all vehicles but we are extending our sample file library rapidly and CDR user feedback is heartly welcome.

Provide information and images about DLC locations

In practice DLC connectors are sometimes well hidden. CDRfinder shows you where they are. We provide pictures and descriptive text that guide you to the DLC connector.

Provide information about fuse boxes and ACM fuses

Often you encounter vehicles that have no voltage because the battery was destroyed during the crash and you need to repower the ACM and maybe additional ECUs (maybe using our repowering kit).

During this process you can spent quite some time finding the fusebox and identifying the right fuse to supply external voltage to. CDRfinder guides you to the right location and tells you which fuse or which fuses need voltage in order to get the ACM up and running.

Provide information about ACM location and ECU details

When you need to remove the ACM it’s sometimes not so easy to tell where it is located. CDRfinder shows you where it is and gives you information about CDR Tool data limitations applying to a specific ACM and hardware and software identifiers as well as supplier information. This makes it easy to identify identical or similar ACMs that are used in different vehicles.

Please note: We are still collecting DLC, Fusebox and ACM information and therefore this information is not available for all supported vehicles at this time. We are however rapidly increasing the number of supported vehicles.

EDR case database (soon)

CDRfinder will let you research well documented cases with EDR data and also let you contribute to the CDRfinder EDR case database. We are currently setting up this database and it will be available in a future release of CDRfinder scheduled for 2016.

Your feedback

CDRfinder lives from the information that it can deliver to it’s users. We are always very keen to get your feedback! You can provide information about succesful or non successful downloads for vehicles that we currently cover or provide feedback about vehicles that are not yet covered but could be accessed.


CDRfinder will be available in multiple languages to facilitate the use of the system throughout the world. Currently the software is available in English and German and will switch automatically according to your operating system language. Support for Spanish and French is underway and we’re always open towards requests for additional languages.


Below you can see some screenshots that give an impression of how CDRfinder looks like.

1) Specify a vehicle
2) Lookup CDR support, DLC, fuse and ACM information
3) Look at sample data (PDF and CDRx)
4) Send feedback
5) Research the EDR case database
6) Contribute a case to the EDR database
7) Look at latest available versions of the Bosch CDR Tool and CDRfinder, download and install
8) Conveniently launch the Bosch CDR Tool

Display information about CDR support for a specific vehicle and possibly available substitution VINs.

Display information about fuse box location and fuse needed for repowering.

System requirements

CDRfinder runs on any Windows version from 7 to 10. The Microsoft .Net framework is required (at least version 4). Click here to find out about the Apple iOS version of CDRfinder

A license of the Bosch CDR Tool is not required to use CDRfinder as you can use the CDR Tool without a license as a viewer only for CDRx files. We however encourage you to get a license of the Bosch CDR Tool if you are serious about getting EDR data from vehicles. If you are interested in buying the Bosch CDR Tool please contact us by Email (cdrfinder(at)

An active internet connection is required to use CDRfinder since the software needs to communicate with our servers to query information.

Pricing and availability

CDRfinder is a client software that accesses our online database for informaton. Thus it needs an active internet access to function properly.
You do not neet a license of the Bosch CDR Tool in order to use CDRfinder. CDRfinder detects any installed version of the Bosch CDR Tool and offers you to download the Bosch CDR Tool software if it is not installed at all. You can use the Bosch CDR Tool software for free to open and look at CDRx files but you cannot do any downloads. CDRfinder offers you the possibility to download the current version of the Bosch CDR Tool from our servers.


A CDRfinder license is locked to a specific computer hardware and will not run on another system. We recommend that you install it next to your Bosch CDR Tool on the system that you take out to the field. Discounts are available if you need multiple licenses. Please contact us for details.


CDRfinder is available as a subscription for a one or two year period. Useful contributions via the feedback function will be rewarded by an extension of the subscription time after evaluation.


CDRfinder is offered in three different Editions: BASIC, ADVANCED and PREMIUM. CDRfinder PREMIUM is currently not available since it includes the EDR database functionality which will be launched in 2016. See below for a comparison of editions and pricing.

Edition CDR info Sample data Fuse info DLC info ACM info EDR database Upload Subscription 1 year Subscription 2 years
BASIC x x n/a x 150 250
ADVANCED (currently not for sale) x x x x x n/a x 350 600

All prices are in EUR and excluding VAT. We are taking orders via our license request page. Please click below to get there.

Important Notice

We are still processing data for the ADVANCED version, so at this time we are currently issuing BASIC licenses only. If you order an ADVANCED license you can still save the 25% discount. We will contact you as soon as ADVANCED licenses are available (ETA is summer 2017) and you will be able to upgrade to the ADVANCED license including the discount.

Please note that our license ordering system is down at the moment. If you'd like to purchase a license please email us at support(at)